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July 24th 2014
July 23rd 2014


They can all go home,because I want you alone with me…

July 22nd 2014
Hi! I'm a new simblr and it would be really awesome if you could maybe give me a shoutout :) Thank you!
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Welcome to the community! New simblr, guys! Go check them out. <3

July 21st 2014


I have seen no light brighter than you
And I can’t deny these things that I do
Feels like the world’s at stake, yeah
I have been waiting
I have been waiting for you.


July 21st 2014
July 21st 2014

getmygameon replied to your post: getmygameon replied to your post:simmi…

goodness…more than a few ^^ is he still doing rehab? :(

He is, bb. I don’t really have anything lined up for him to do so he’ll probably stay there.

July 21st 2014

Crummy leftover pic of Em from yesterday? I think so.

July 20th 2014


Remy couldn’t speak. He tried, his mouth opened and closed, but he couldn’t say a word. What a day. His feelings had gone from the heights to the depths and now they were soaring higher than he’d ever imagined they could.

His mother’s gentle voice broke in. ”Keikikane, don’t you have something to say to Brendan?”

He snapped back to earth. “Yes! Yes, oh my God, yes, I will marry you!”

Brendan stood up and pulled Remy into his arms. Remy threw his arms around his new fiance’s neck and kissed him with everything he had as his mother stood and clapped her hands, utterly delighted.

July 20th 2014


While Remy was still composing himself outside, Brendan had made a quick detour into their bedroom. Rummaging through his suitcase, he found what he wanted and stuffed it into his pocket.

His gut was telling him the moment was coming.

And now, as he listened to mother and son talk, he could feel the box in his pocket, pressing against his hipbone, a constant reminder of what he was about to do.

He looked up at the last words Kani spoke. Now was the time. 

"Remy," he stood and approached him. Holding out his hand, he pulled him to a standing position. ” Kani, forgive me for interruptin’, but I feel like this is somethin’ I have to do.” She smiled and nodded.  

He turned back to Remy. “Love, I’ve never told you this, but when we met, I felt something as soon as I touched ye, something that made ye stand out from everyone else. Did ye feel it?”

Remy’s eyes widened. “I did. I didn’t know you did too.”

Brendan nodded. “Like an electric jolt?”

"That’s exactly how it felt."

Brendan reached for Remy’s hand. “And ever since the day I chose ye, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I mean yeah, sometimes I annoy ye, ye annoy me, but there still isn’t any other place I’d rather be than with you, Remy.”

Remy’s eyes filled with tears. “Really?”

"Really. I wake up every morning and I’m so thankful that fate brought ye into my life," He looked at Kani for a moment. “I should be thankin’ your mam as well, because it was all because of her.”

The tears began to stream down Remy’s face. “I love you, Brendan. You’re everything to me.”

Brendan smiled and slid his hand in his pocket. “I feel the same way, love.” Remy gasped as Brendan got down on one knee and pulled a box out of his pocket, opening it to reveal two gleaming platinum bands nestled in velvet. He covered his mouth with his hand, stunned that this was actually happening to him.

"Remy Mahelona, will ye marry me?"

July 20th 2014

Holy shit! :O That’s Emmett?! I didn’t even recognize him…

That’s him, sugar! He’s gone through a few changes here and there. ;3

July 20th 2014

Emmett bb! He looks so good!

Thank you, love! I am liking him like this much better. <3

July 20th 2014

Tonight is a wake up call.

July 20th 2014

getmygameon replied to your post:

Look at those gawjus bbs 8D <33

Thank you, love! Though I kinda hate the picture lol. 

July 20th 2014


I have a new computer now <3 if its not one thing its another but all is well, and i have the sims 4 demo and now all i want is to play them and give cole to manduhhxx to tweak to her liking, i just couldn’t resist. you asses better show up when i install the real game in 89 years. 

July 20th 2014