(2 years later)

Hey, Mom. It’s me. I miss you so much. I wish you could see what’s been happening in my life. You’d be so proud. I met someone. Her name is Maddie and I’ve been wrapped around her finger since the moment we kissed for the first time. I don’t know what she sees in me, Mom, but I’ll do whatever I can to be the man she deserves.

You have grandkids! Tawny and Bay are the lights of my life. I can see pieces of you in both of them. Tawny has your determination while Bay has inherited your gentle nature. I wish they could know you. Dad comes over every weekend to play with them. He’s an awesome grandpa. 

I’m still new to this family man thing but I learned from the best so I’m sure it’ll pan out. Are you watching, Mom? It’ll only get better from here.