"How are you feeling today, Mr. Lochlan?" It was the same damn question every time I came to this place. "Fantastic." I muttered, crossing my arms. The psychiatrist cleared her throat and glanced over her records. "I believe we’ve finally got a diagnosis for your condition." She put down her notebook and looked at me. "Oh? Well let’s here it." Leaning forward I raised an eyebrow at her. "First of all. I’d like you to stay calm above anything else."

"I’m perfectly calm, doctor, but I’d advise you to get on with it before my patience runs out." She sighed and jumped to the point. "You have a condition called Bipolar Disorder." My brows furrowed and I stood to my feet. "Are you saying I’m crazy?" She shook her head. "I’m not saying that at all, Mr. Lochlan. You have all the classic symptoms. It’s very treatable with a combination of some medications and you should be able to live a normal life." She jotted something down on a slip of paper and handed it to me. "This is the perscription for the medicine I’d like you to take. Just take it up to the front desk and they’ll take care of it there. Go ahead and make another appointment there too." 

I spotted Brianna on my way out. We’d been seeing each other for months now but she didn’t like to acknowledge our relationship here. I grabbed her gently by the arm, pulling her into the corner. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. “Apparently your boyfriend is crazy.” I muttered. She looked around before pushing on my chest and I let her go. “I’ll come over later. We can talk then. Okay?” My frustration boiled on the surface. “I know you’re worried about your job but I need you.” She looked down and brushed passed me. “I can’t right now, Simon. Please understand.” She whispered and hurried away clutching some documents to her chest. My jaw clenched and I stormed for the front desk.