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I had lay slumped in the floor for hours, listening to the sounds of the ocean outside my balcony. I felt nothing but numbness to my core. My blurry gaze drifted over to the needle at my side and I covered an arm over my eyes to stop the spinning in my head.

"Emmett? I grabbed some dinner on my way home. Are you hungry?" My gran’s voice called from the darkness. I braced myself for the inevitable when I heard her light raps on my door. "Emmy? Did you hear me? I’m coming in." I didn’t move. I didn’t even have the strength to open my mouth.

She was on me as soon as the door opened, running her hands over my face. “Again, Emmett? No. Honey, you can’t keep doing this!” I sat up slightly, giving her a half-hearted smile. She cupped my face in her hands, smoothing her thumbs under my eyes.

"You’re killing yourself. You’re killing yourself and you’re making me watch." She rasped. I rested my head on her knee and closed my eyes. "You don’t have to." I whispered. "Maybe one day it’ll all just disappear." Her hand stilled in my hair. "What?" I raised my head then, looking at her face. "It’ll be fine, Gran. Don’t worry." I wished I could promise her that but it was always better to not make promises you couldn’t keep. Wasn’t it?

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